Making UNSCR 1325 A reality for Women:

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Making UNSCR 1325 A reality for Women:

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The report presents the higlhlights of Isis-WICCE's annual peace exposition that was held in 2010 to celebrate 10 years of the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution. The exposition provided time and an effective platform for grassroots women’s organisations working in the area of peace and security in Uganda to share successful strategies and to
review the extent to which government has implemented the resolution and to call upon it to implement the National Action Plan for the implementation of UNSCR 1325 and Goma Declaration.
It highlighted how various grassroots women’s activists and organisations have been able to interpret this international framework into one they are able to utilise in their communities. It also presented a valuable opportunity to share information, best practises, and successful strategies, and highlight the challenges and gaps that will inform the way forward in the implementation of the resolution as well as the National Action Plan.

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