The Uganda Women’s Situation Room: Peaceful Elections are Possible

Uganda is set to hold presidential and general elections on February 18, 2016 and as part of efforts towards peaceful elections, the women of Uganda have established a Women’s Situation Room; an early response and conflict mitigation mechanism that directly engages women and youths to play active roles in preventing and mitigating electoral violence in line with UNSCR 1325 that calls for active participation in peace building and conflict prevention.

The Women’s Situation Room (WSR) was first initiated in Liberia by the Angie Brooks International Centre (ABIC ) during the Liberian Elections in October and November 2011. It started amid growing awareness that violence had become a norm of African elections and the need to ensure that women play key roles in ensuring peaceful elections. Since its adoption, it has been recognized as a best practice by the African Union and has been successfully replicated in Senegal (2012), Sierra Leone (2012), Kenya (2013), Malawi (2014) and Nigeria (2014).

In Uganda, the Women’s Situation Room is spearheaded by three organization namely Isis-WICCE, Forum for Women in Democracy and the Institute for Social Transformation and will be working in 15 districts of Uganda where women and youth groups have been trained to document and share incidences of electoral violence.

It  also has a team of selected Eminent Women from Uganda and other African countries, who are involved in advocacy for peace, observation of the polling process and mediation with political and legal experts. The Eminent women will be responding to electoral violence incidents instantly and contacting the right authorities to resolve matters in a timely manner. The physical Women’s Situation Room with a fully functioning call centre  opened on 15th  February 2016 to receive real time reports and information on incidents from the trained election observers in the districts.

To report any electoral violence incidents please call 0800 333 111 FREE.

For more information about the WSR visit the following sites,

Website:   Women’s Platform for Peaceful Elections 2016

Facebook: Women’s Situation Room Uganda 

Twitter: WSRUganda