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Isis-WICCE Resource Hub’s Weekly Links [September]

Each week, we share must-reads and key resources on women, peace and security from around the world. Our Time to Play, unveils the web of factors behind child marriage in Nepal and captures girl’s voices via Human Rights Watch One gang rape survivor’s 11-year wait for justice in India highlights the harrowing effects

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Call for Inclusion of Women in Peace Processes in Eastern and Southern Africa

Women’s empowerment contributes to the success of peace talks and the achievement of sustainable peace, accelerates economic recovery, strengthens peace operations, improves our humanitarian assistance, and can help counter violent extremism,  according to the Global Study on the Implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325): Preventing Conflict, Transforming

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Peace at the Frontline of the Sustainable Development Goals

“While SDG 16 is a positive development worth celebrating, its gender neutral targets and indicators imply that actors will be required to use frameworks like CEDAW, Maputo Protocol and UNSCR 1325 to actualize this goal,” Isis-WICCE’s Helen Kezie Nwoha set the tone for the conversation focused on solutions to achieve

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Preliminary Findings on the Recently Concluded General Elections in Uganda

The Women’s Situation Room Uganda has released its preliminary findings on the recently concluded presidential and parliamentary elections in Uganda held on the February 18, 2016. The Women’s Situation Room (WSR) is an early warning and rapid response mechanism against violence or conflicts arising around elections in African countries. It

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