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Tackling the Remarriage of Half-Widows in Kashmir

Due to the prolonged conflict in Kashmir, since 1989, thousands of civilians have been killed in Kashmir. While most of the killings have taken place at the hands of security forces from unprovoked shooting, fake encounters, in custody and other methods due to the result of actions by the non-state actors and militants. A conservative

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Africa in Review 2016: Uganda Takes in Refugees

2016 was an eventful year for Africa and for the world, with important implications for U.S.-Africa relations. From continuing democratic consolidation and deepening trade ties in many countries to the shocking electoral defeat and standoff in the Gambia, to South Sudan’s escalating crisis, to the debates over the future of

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Peace at the Frontline of the Sustainable Development Goals

“While SDG 16 is a positive development worth celebrating, its gender neutral targets and indicators imply that actors will be required to use frameworks like CEDAW, Maputo Protocol and UNSCR 1325 to actualize this goal,” Isis-WICCE’s Helen Kezie Nwoha set the tone for the conversation focused on solutions to achieve

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