Womens march

IsisWICCE Resource Hub’s Weekly Links[January]

Happy New Year! This week we share  news, resources and opportunities for women, peace and security globally

Beyond the Helpless Victim: Media Representation of Women in Conflict Zones: Despite the women’s participation in formal and informal peace  efforts, media reporting has continued to portray women as mere causalities and victims of sexual violence writes The Pacific Standard.

“Women face different forms of insecurity on a daily basis across the African continent”. In this report, AWDF reviews and analyses  major debates on women, governance, peace and security in Africa.

Women’s March for equal rights. Aljazeera shares highlight from the Women’s March in USA that took place after the inauguration of President Trump.

“The immediate priority should be how to train women to maneuver in the rough theatre of politics. The Guardian sheds lights on Kenya’s women struggle end male stranglehold on power.

World Economic Forum2017: A Gathering of the Global Elite, through a Woman’s Eyes via NewYork Times Times.

In this report, United Nations Secretary General takes a closer look at women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work.

Call  for Proposals: Africa Womens Development Fund invites for proposals for grants from women organizations from Africa and Middle East working on VAW, economic empowerment and political participation.