Isis-WICCE Resource Hub’s Weekly Links [October]

This week we share our top-picks of  reads and resources on women, peace and security globally. 

“We have succeeded in our efforts today, there is no honor in honor killing,” Pakistan passes anti-honor killings and anti-rape bills via DAWN

Remembering the Wisdom of Uganda’s Aboke Girls, 20 years after the attack on St. Mary’s College in Northern Uganda, schools remain on the frontline of most of today’s wars, writes Human Rights Watch.

The Conflict did not bring us flowers” Read more women’s voices on the need for comprehensive reparations for survivors of conflict- related sexual violence in Kosovo.

The violence in South Sudan cannot be tackled as long as women are excluded and silenced The Conversation acknowledges.

Wilson Center takes a closer look at women artisan miners and their contributions to peace-building in Africa.
The provision of medico-legal services to victims of sexual violence requires the involvement of a range of systems and professions. This WHO toolkit addresses key knowledge gaps for efficient and  timely response.

Are you interested in learning the Feminist Vocabulary? Read the Feminist Movement Builders Dictionary via Just Associates


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