Sheroes of Africa’s Political Movements

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Sheroes of Africa’s Political Movements

Sheroes of Africa

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Create DateApril 15, 2017

A book featuring Uganda and Zimbabwe’s Hon Margaret Dongo, Captain Gertrude Njuba, Hon Jesse Majome and Hon Alice Alaso highlighting women’s pivotal political leadership in Africa’s conflict and post-conflict settings.

This book serves two objectives, first, tracing the role of women in liberation struggles in Uganda and Zimbabwe. Secondly, documenting the experiences of women political leaders negotiating political situations characterized by risk, violence, intimidation, sexual pacification, aggression and fear while bearing aspects of hope, the future, crafting of nations, building citizenship and political independence.

This documentation provides an opportunity to illuminate covert and overt voices and actions of women political actors that most times get silenced in patriarchal political settings. Four cases of women political leaders are selected from Uganda and Zimbabwe, with a specific intent of learning from their historical experiences as key participants in liberation struggles as well as the new breed of post-conflict political women leaders that emerged.