Girl’s and Boys’ Voices on Ending Gender-Based Violence in Aromo Schools and Homes

Following a series of conversation circles on violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in Aromo Primary Schools, girls and boys made commitments to safeguard their SRHS and champion violence-free schools and homes. During the sub-county wide ‘Kick Violence Out of Lira‘ football tournament used to raise awareness to more parents, teachers, and community members, pupils spoke up with the following specific messages.

On Economic Violence


“Men should stop greed for money because after selling something they don’t want their wives to handle the money and this causes them to fight.” Opio Moses, Aromo Primary School

On Early Marriage


“Girls should not have early [sexual] affairs that will make them get pregnant but parents also should not force girls into early marriage and allow them to finish their education” Apio Miriam, Otio Primary School

On Polygamy and Domestic Disputes


“Men should stop marrying many women and have one wife because at the moment the land isn’t even enough for us. So if you marry so many women and have so many children they will start fighting for land.” Ekwang Abraham, Oketkwer Primary School

On Early Pregnancy


“Keep your health because if you die we shall bury you. Don’t start having sex early so you don’t get pregnant at an early age. Work hard and make good choices so your future is bright.” Monica Akalo

On Working with Teachers and Parents

“As a boy once a girl writes me a love letter if I am at home I will tell my father. If I am at school I will tell the class teacher because I don’t want to spoil my future.” Peter Okello

” If some one laughs at me because I am menstruating I will  not be shy and fear going to school. I will report to the matron.” Pamela Alyek