No More Violence, I Cannot Swallow What I Have Vomited

For Rose and her seven children, life with Alfred was hell. “He would get home late and beat us all up. He was always drunk and I struggled to raise the children with no support from their father” Rose explains. Neighbours frequently intervened during his violent bouts but eventually gave

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“We Have Love, Happiness, Trust and People Want to Copy Us”

How SASA Changed Bosco and Harriet’s Life “We were both drunkards, competing for the role of worst parent and fighting every day.” Bosco recounts. His wife Harriet owned a home brewery while he was given the title of Chairperson at the village’s main drinking hole because he spent the most time,

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Reclaiming Women’s Reproductive Health After Conflict

As a 14 year old girl, Esther Abeja was abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army. While in captivity, she was forced to kill her baby girl and was raped unconscious by countless rebels. “After that, some of the women put something in my birth canal to pull out the semen,”

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smrithi Surkhet 2

WOREC Marks 25 years of Advancing Women’s Rights

On the occasion of Women’s Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC) Nepal’s 25th anniversary, we relfected on our partnership over the years. Our journey in solidarity to advance gender equality and women’s freedom, started at the 2007 Women’s Leadership Institute, when WOREC’s Smriti challenged the way we looked at women’s rights activism. Participants

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Peace at the Frontline of the Sustainable Development Goals

“While SDG 16 is a positive development worth celebrating, its gender neutral targets and indicators imply that actors will be required to use frameworks like CEDAW, Maputo Protocol and UNSCR 1325 to actualize this goal,” Isis-WICCE’s Helen Kezie Nwoha set the tone for the conversation focused on solutions to achieve

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Preliminary Findings on the Recently Concluded General Elections in Uganda

The Women’s Situation Room Uganda has released its preliminary findings on the recently concluded presidential and parliamentary elections in Uganda held on the February 18, 2016. The Women’s Situation Room (WSR) is an early warning and rapid response mechanism against violence or conflicts arising around elections in African countries. It

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Gender Blind Presidential Election in Uganda

On Thursday February 18, 2016 Ugandans cast their votes to elect a new president after several months of campaigns by eight presidential candidates who included one woman.  In this article, our partner organization FOKUS analyses the presidential campaigns from a gender perspective. The Ugandan Constitution states that parliament shall be

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