Using Sports to Completely Kick Violence Out of Aromo, Lira

After over a year of engaging a monthly average of 500 women, men and youth to create a violence-free society in Lira’s Aromo sub-county with the highest incidence of physical and sexual violence, Isis-WICCE, WOPI-U, Lira local government and the community activists in Aromo devised a new strategy to reach

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Closing the Gap in Sexual Violence Response in the Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes region continues to experience conflicts and a state of fragility despite the numerous frameworks on peace and security. In March, regional women’s organizations met in Kinshasa, DRC to review implementation progress of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) Declaration on sexual and gender based

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Where are South Sudan Women during Formal Peace Processes?

The international influence on Africa and critical policy making processes cannot be denied. Conversely, the same cannot always be said of Africans – much less women – on the ground, whose voices are not always the primary influence of policy outcomes defined to serve them. As such, the latest convening

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End Fistula: Our Experience in Post-conflict Liberia

“I was leaking urine all the time. I could not go to school” Mary, on life with fistula In 2008, five years after the conflict in Liberia, Dr Bernice T Dahn, then Deputy Minister of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW), described a “dilapidated health system struggling to meet the needs

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