Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Changing World of Work

It is widely acknowledged that a great number of women around the world are excluded from formal economies despite their remarkable contributions to communities, national economic growth and sustainable development. The gender gap in the world of work, though slowly decreasing, can not be denied, with multiple examples of exploitation

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Isis-WICCE Resource Hub’s Weekly Links [November]

This  week’s must-reads and key resources on women, peace and security globally; Peace, power and inclusive change in Nepal.Find out  some of the ways in which inclusion has progressed through post-war transition in Nepal via  Conciliation  Resources. How can women reclaim power and control of their activism in the digital sphere?

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Isis-WICCE Resource Hub Weekly Links [October]

This  week’s must-reads and key resources on women, peace and security.. Is UNSCR 1325 Empowering African Women to Negotiate Peace? African Peacebuilding Network takes a closer look at  progress and challenges. In this  Infographic , Conciliation Resources captures women’s participation in peace processes and  gives examples of how women are building peace around

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Making Uganda a Better Place for Refugee Women and Girls

Uganda is currently reviewing the National Action Plan (NAP) for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, 1820 and the Goma declaration. NAP 2 was aligned with the 2010/11-2014/2015 National Development Plan and resulted in several achievements for women in the areas of prevention and protection from sexual and

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Isis-WICCE Resource Hub’s Weekly Links [October]

This week we share our top-picks of  reads and resources on women, peace and security globally.  “We have succeeded in our efforts today, there is no honor in honor killing,” Pakistan passes anti-honor killings and anti-rape bills via DAWN Remembering the Wisdom of Uganda’s Aboke Girls, 20 years after the attack

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Isis-WICCE Resource Hub’s Weekly Links [September]

Each week, we share must-reads and key resources on women, peace and security from around the world. Our Time to Play, unveils the web of factors behind child marriage in Nepal and captures girl’s voices via Human Rights Watch One gang rape survivor’s 11-year wait for justice in India highlights the harrowing effects

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Call for Inclusion of Women in Peace Processes in Eastern and Southern Africa

Women’s empowerment contributes to the success of peace talks and the achievement of sustainable peace, accelerates economic recovery, strengthens peace operations, improves our humanitarian assistance, and can help counter violent extremism,  according to the Global Study on the Implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325): Preventing Conflict, Transforming

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This week, we share selected news, information and resources on SRH of women in rural Kenya, war time sexual violence in Sri Lanka and Burundi and the gender data gap in development statistics among others. They smile through silent pain when they meet people and at night they cry when no one can

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