Isis-WICCE Resource Hub’s Weekly Links [November]

This  week’s top-picks  of reads and resources  on women, peace and  human security; South Sudan is a country torn apart by war, which has caused the breakdown of traditional family structures. Women Under Siege shares stories of prostituted young women fighting for survival. Female veterans often deal with sexism and

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Making Uganda a Better Place for Refugee Women and Girls

Uganda is currently reviewing the National Action Plan (NAP) for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, 1820 and the Goma declaration. NAP 2 was aligned with the 2010/11-2014/2015 National Development Plan and resulted in several achievements for women in the areas of prevention and protection from sexual and

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A mother and a child walk past the wreckage of a car bomb in the Wardhigley District, south of Mogadishu, on February 27, 2015. PHOTO/Mohamed Abdiwahab/AFP

Isis-WICCE Resource Hub Weekly Links [September]

This week, we share women’s voices on peace in Philippines and Burundi, ending violence against women in Palestine and Somalia and the dilemma of children born in captivity in Northern Uganda among others. ‘We are peace builders. We live each day to maintain peace and normalcy in our families and respective

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Isis-WICCE Resource Hub Weekly Links [August 2016]

Each week, we share selected news, information and resources on Women, Peace and Security around the world. Can a radio series change attitudes and norms on violence against women (VAW)? Oxfam shares how edutainment reduces VAW To ensure justice for survivors of sexual violence (including rape) in the ongoing peace talks ending five decades of

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