Pages from Forced to Flee Voices of Congolese Women

Forced to Flee: Voices of Congolese women refugees in Uganda

This report  presents  the voices  and perspective of women refugees in two refugee centers  of Bubukwanga Refugee Reception Center and Kyangwali Resettlement Center in western Uganda. The report draws attention to  three types of women’s experiences; the attack that caused people to flee their homes in Kamago in Eastern DRC, the escape from the situation

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Pages from South Sudan Report

The Road to Power, Governance and Decision Making: Think TankII

This report provides highlights of the consultative meeting that was held with South Sudanese women  after the outbreak of the fresh conflict in South Sudan. The purpose of the meeting was to  analyse the underlying triggers of the on-going conflict from a gender and feminist perspective; propose an alternative approach

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Pages from Think Tank III - The Harare Conversation august version

The Harare Conversation: Think TankIII

This report provides a snapshot  Think Tank that was held in Harare as a follow up to the previous Think Thanks that were held in Kampala. It gives an overview of the  next steps as far as women  and leadership in post conflict settings in Africa

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Pages from ALUMNI FORUM2

Leading for Peace:Building Human Security

Isis-WICCE has trained about one thousand two hundred women from twenty nine countries. Utilizing this number the organization continues to facilitate and strengthen the activities of the trained women to act as partners on women, peace and security concerns.The report documents the highlights of the alumni forum that was held

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