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“I have been appointed to several leadership positions within the Government of South Sudan in part because of the support and work of Isis-WICCE.”

Hon. Hanna Lornah

(South Sudan)

“I found myself. The Isis-WICCE-WOREC feminist institute helped me embark on the journey of transformation. It equipped me with practical skills to document cases of different forms of violence against women and analyse them with a feminist lens.”

Pooja Bhatarai


“In my own teaching on women’s movements these cases are very useful. We urgently need more of this kind of work- I strongly recommend this report and its collaborative strategy as a very good model for other national studies on women’s political participation.”

Prof. Amina Mama


“I went out like a bushfire to respond to the challenges women faced in Eastern Congo. The institute challenged me to see things in a different way and to take action. As a result, I was one of the initiators of COCAFEM (a network of women’s associations in the Great Lakes) to respond to the regional challenges.”

Josee Kusinza

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

“The manual on Management of Medical and Psychological Effects of War Trauma is a very useful reference tool for continued response to women survivors’ issues. Isis-WICCE brought in a team of experts that trained our own team. This was a clear case of south-south cooperation. [The Ministry of Gender] used the research findings to fundraise for our GBV programmes.”

Bernice T Dahn


They wondered how nine men could sleep with me and I could still talk. The greatest part of the project was enabling us to tell and write our stories. This has been very energising. We have regained our self-esteem and more women in the community want to be open about their HIV status so they can join us to get these benefits. We are no longer reviled by the community and I am now a Local Councillor.”

Anne-Grace Nakasi